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Capture the Most Admired Memories with Beautiful Canvas Prints


Capture the Most Admired Memories with Beautiful Canvas Prints

July 10, 2019 by pragnesh canvasbubble

I believe that the best way to make yourself happy is to recall the fun and cherished moments celebrated in the past. All you have to do is close your eyes, breathe long and remember the good times. I am sure it will open the floodgates of good and joyous memories. But as soon as you open your eyes, you are back in the real world and those memories vanish away! You must remember the saying, “the most beautiful things are not associated with money, they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.” Photos do help you celebrate long-forgotten occasions in the present, but you can't open an album every time you want to relish those moments. So what is the alternative to it? Canvas Prints. Canvas photo printing can help you build larger-than-life, high-definition and premium quality prints for your walls. Not only do they look stunning on your empty walls but they also appear to be more meaningful. In this blog, I am going to discuss how well you can capture your memories for a lifetime using canvas prints.

1. Choose ‘The Place’

Get up and take a tour of your own home. Find out the most mundane looking wall that is begging you to be turned into the ‘Wall of Happiness.’ Select that wall and make it your subject. Ensure that your wall has enough space to accommodate all-size canvas prints. Ignore the space occupied by light switches, doors, and windows. Well, it will be great if you find a wall in your living room because that is where we spend our maximum time. These stunning photos from your vacations or other occasions will define your personality in front of your family and friends. Apart from this, you can also choose the walls from the entryway, hallway, kitchen and your bedroom or kids room. Hanging them just above the couch will create a bold fashion statement.

2. Decide - ‘How to Place’

After selecting the wall, it's time to choose the pattern or layout you want to hang your canvas prints in. A perfect layout will create a difference between an amazing wall gallery and an unfinished and scattered. The size and shape of the canvas prints will depend upon your aesthetic choices. If you have any artist in your family, then seek their help in deciding the pattern. Try choosing from symmetrical or asymmetrical, horizontal or vertical grid layouts. No matter what layout you choose, make sure it is well-centered and aligned with your embellishments, couch, sofa, and bed.

3. Get a Quality Picture

To convert your photo into a high-definition photo canvas print, your photos should meet the minimum resolution requirements given on the best online canvas printing website. To do this, you need to make sure that you save the image in proper format and you are using a good camera with higher megapixels. If you want to get multiple small canvas prints, then the resolution may not be an issue. But if you want to have large and wide canvas prints such as panoramic canvas prints, then the image should be of high resolution so that the images do not pixelate when printed on canvas materials.

4. Define a Theme or Tell a Story!

Take a look at your furniture and walls and determine the colors that are dominant in your home, the look you want to portray, and the theme that will go with your room. If you love being unique and sassy, you can pick a cool vintage look for your canvas prints. Or you can tell a story through your pictures. Since I am a travel freak, I have hung the best pictures from some of the best places traveled by me on the walls. It enhances my personality and increases curiosity in the minds of the viewers. This is how I value my experiences and enjoy the old times by looking at those photos.

5. Select the Right Options

Printing makes your images come to life, so it's important to choose the right canvas print for your photos. For this, you should pick a company that is an expert at printing canvases online. Pick a company that offers top-notch customer service and support. It should provide you with a facility to select from a wide variety of canvases that offer matte to iridescent, glossy to semi-glossy finishes. Select a style as per your requirements such as panoramic canvas print, wooden canvas print or metallic canvas prints and more.

Cover Your Walls with Cheerful Memories

Remove the old and fit in the new! Takedown all the outdated embellishments from your walls and cover them with favorite memories in the form of high definition canvas prints. Let your pictures be converted into eye-catching masterpieces that will leave your guests awestruck. The new statement piece will fit beautifully and is sure to complement your place. These canvas prints will allow you to relive those moments every single time you see them.

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