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Enhance the Ambience of Your Home with Beautiful Canvas Prints


Enhance the Ambience of Your Home with Beautiful Canvas Prints

August 30, 2019 by pragnesh canvasbubble

Most of the houses nowadays have an entire wall gallery dedicated to some eye-catching artwork. These galleries are an astounding way of adding a touch of color and pattern to vivify up your premises. In short, these walls are a coveted ticket for all the art lovers who wish to put their favorite works of art on display. If you are looking to redecorate your home or workspace without shelling out a bomb amount, then wall galleries are an outstanding way to make that particular area feel vibrant and occupied. You don’t need a mind-blowing décor for a great wall. If planned out well, basic pictures, inclusive of both artworks or photos, are more than enough to give your wall a little facelift. So to start with this little makeover, all you need to do is gather your favorite pieces of images, be it crafts, drawings, postcards, and many more, and have them pinned right on your wall. If you are thinking that simply pinning your favorite pictures on the wall won’t bring out the desired effect, we have a solution. Instead of basic photo frames, perhaps you should consider using canvas prints to pin your pictures on the wall…? Rampant in the market these days, print art on canvas has made all the photo lovers fall in love with its exquisite quality! To elaborate on redecorating your wall with a canvas print wall art, check out these distinctive steps to improve your gallery walls in a way that goes beyond the standard paint or wallpaper:

Pick your prints

Here’s the best part of redecorating an art lover’s wall! You get to dive deep in the finest art pieces and have them printed on the canvas to amplify the final masterpiece. The prettiest gallery walls combine a subtle combination of art designs and frame styles. Here’s a pro tip if you really want your wall to illustrate your taste in art: choose canvas prints that have at least one common thread running through them; for instance, a certain color, a particular pattern or the common theme. This surely will maximize the overall effect of the image.

Keep the color intact

The kind of colors you choose play a significant role in giving your gallery wall that individual appeal. So when you want to uplift your wall’s design, think of a color pattern that will hold all the elements of your canvas print in one place. Either you can have a mix and match of pastel hues on a beige wall, or you can opt for hot, electric colors on a stark white, plain wall background.

Frame it well

If you thought canvas prints only have limited options when it comes to frames, you were totally mistaken. In fact, since you can personalize your canvas wall display the way you like, your options of picking a suitable frame get visibly enhanced. So now, when you think of framing your digital canvas, it’s all just a matter of your personal preference. For designing purposes, we recommend you frame each of your canvases distinctively, but yet in a manner that best pairs with your pictures. This way, frames won't only add to the individual pieces, but will also make a stunning unified gallery! If not, then you can also choose a similar frame for all canvases, which typically depicts a spotless and classy look.

Measure it well

It is crucial to measure the exact amount of wall space you’d like to use for redesigning so that you can tape that section on our floorboard. This technique will allow you to space everything out well, just the way you want it to look on the wall. And once you are about to lock down your arrangement, just snap a picture of it, which will further add as a solid reference when you are about to hang your prints.

Just hang it up

Now that you have the final blueprint in place, it is time to hang up your pictures. You can start by hanging the largest piece first. This large piece will act as a central part, which will help you build off of the remaining smaller pieces. Don’t use any tape to precisely place the portrait on the wall. You can simply refer to the earlier snapshot and efficiently start placing your canvases in place. You just need two people to get this task done. Let the first person do the hanging work, and let the second person stand beforehand and take the lead in guiding the stunning gallery décor that is about to materialize in just a few moments. That is, it! Follow these simple steps and you will have your dazzling wall gallery pinned with your favorite canvas prints! Think of ideas, pictures, frames, and opportunities out of the box, and you will truly be amazed by the kind of creative masterpieces you can come up with!

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