Hexagon Canvas Bundle of 9

$ 185.75

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Product Details:

Product Details:

  • Hexagon shaped frames for unique aesthetic
  • Frame size : Height 10.5 inch x width 8.5 inch
  • High quality printing and prepared by skilled professionals
  • Makes for a great gift for friends and family
  • Personalize the hexagons the way you like
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We have a better and more stylish option to work your way around the regular shapes. We will help you select something that will appeal to your modern and more eclectic approach to wall displays. If you are stuck in the process of choosing canvas displays, worry no more. We understand the desire of customers who want something different than common or regular shapes and we have designed the modern and brilliant hexagon canvas wall displays that will wow anyone who looks upon them. Clustered together, they form a distinct art display of everything you hold close to your heart. Whether its photos of family, adventure, memorable vacations, events, or even art or quotes you find interesting, we will join them together in a hexagon canvas wall display for an amazing look.


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