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Things to Consider Before Transforming An Image Into A Canvas Print

Things to Consider Before Transforming An Image Into A Canvas Print

May 20, 2019 by pragnesh canvasbubble

Designing a wall is never an easy task but it is not impossible as well. If you are confident enough about your choices and decisions, then you can surely come up with a wall that captivates viewers’ attention. All you need to do is quality research work that takes you to some of the best online canvas printing websites. Why canvas printing websites? It is because canvas prints are considered the most beautiful and trendy items used to decorate the walls of your home. You can customize your pictures and get them transformed into fantastic photo canvas prints made in high resolution. Or you can buy art canvas prints that give your place an elegant and modern look.

But before you spend money on the prints, we suggest you consider a few things that can help you decorate your wall in the desired way.

  1. Image Quality - The Most Important One

You must know that ‘Great pictures make great canvas prints!’ If the image printed on the canvas does not represent the same feeling as it did while clicking the picture, then it is of no use to place the print on the wall. Having a quality image is important to give a professional and ‘impressive-in-first-sight’ look to your canvas prints. By high-quality pictures, we mean high-resolution pictures of yours that give the viewers a reason to stare and adore.  Therefore, always check the quality of your photos before sending them for printing.

  1. Check the Subject in the Picture

We know every image has to have a subject matter that enhances the look and beauty of the picture. It should justify the reason for the pictures' existence. Giving any random picture for printing will be a total waste of money as it will not serve its purpose and intention of being. Therefore, check that the subject in the picture is in focus and tells a story without you having to speak.

  1.  Has Your Photo got the Right Composition?

Before you start selecting pictures from a stock of images, it is imperative to check the composition i.e. the quality of the image and the subject matter.  Pick those pictures that have the right composition of light, angle, and height. Your picture should not look awkward and come up as an odd one out. Therefore, while taking pictures try to adjust the camera height to get the perfect light and angle.

  1.  What Canvas Style Do You Want?

Another important factor in the line is the style of the canvas print.  So start working on your options and decide what kind of canvas print you want for your pictures. For instance, if you want to place a group of photos of your family and friends, then you can choose multi-panel canvas prints. Or if you want to get an alluring scenery printed on canvas, then you can opt for panoramic canvas prints. Or if you are an art lover, you can select art canvas prints available in different sizes.

  1. Carefully Check out the Canvas Print Quality

Having a high-resolution image for printing is not sufficient, checking the quality of the canvas print is also necessary. You should do some research work about the canvas printing company for that you pick for printing your images.  You should know what kind of technology the company uses, what type of canvas they use- matt canvas or glossy canvas, which type of ink do they use, do they make the prints water and UV resistant or not and more. Analyze all these things and then decide whether the company is a suitable fit for your images or not.

  1. How is Canvas Finishing?

Do not forget to check the quality of finishing on the canvas prints. Evaluate the finishing of the canvas prints by carefully looking at their pictures shown on the website. Examine if the corners of the canvas are folded or lumpy and look untidy. If you see any sort of bulkiness in the canvas prints images on the website, then drop the idea of sending your pictures to that website for printing.

  1. Does the Canvas Print Matches Your Interior?

Whatever canvas prints you choose to place on your walls, make sure to check that they complement the interiors of your place. They should go with the theme, design, and furniture of your room. Do not end up buying a canvas print that looks odd and is not good enough to match the standards of your place.

  1. Consider the size of the Canvas Prints

It is better to know that the canvas print you are going to buy fits in your room. It happens many times that people fall in love with an art piece, so they end up purchasing the same thing without even checking its dimensions. So, when the art canvas print arrives home and doesn’t fit on your walls, you are left with no choice but to return it or gift it to someone else. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the dimensions of your wall first and then check the dimensions of canvas prints you want to buy.

  1.  Determine Your Budget

Another important aspect to be considered before buying canvas prints. You should set your budget to know canvas prints you can afford to buy. There may be many canvas prints that you will like and will be out of your spending limit. During those times, you will have to learn to say bye to them by not purchasing them.

  1. Last But Not Least - Customer Service

This is one of the biggest role players of all factors. You should know what kind of services the canvas printing company provides to its customers. Find out the answer to questions such as-

-Do they deliver the canvases on time without any damage?

-Do they respond to all the customer queries and help them with their order issues? Etc.

Read the reviews and feedback given by the other customers and then only make a decision.


Now you have the rules from the canvas prints buying guide. So make sure you go through and consider each and every aspect before buying a canvas print online. It will help you ensure that you are investing your hard earned money in the right print. The right set of canvas prints is sure to give your place an opulent feel.

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