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Top Canvas Printing Trends for Decorating Interiors in 2019


Top Canvas Printing Trends for Decorating Interiors in 2019

April 25, 2019 by pragnesh canvasbubble

When it comes to interior decoration, most people have a fetish to follow the latest trends. While searching for the current trends, you will surely come across hundreds of ideas. However, if you want to embellish your home or office interiors within a budget-friendly estimate, the beautiful canvas prints are one of the handiest options. They can add a lot of depth and charm to your dull looking walls specifically if you are incorporating the recent trends. So, let’s have a look at the top canvas printing trends for interiors that you can follow for an eye-catching experience.

Canvas Photos with Gallery Wrapped Edges

Canvas Photo Print Displaying your canvas photos in a gallery wrap can draw anyone’s attention. The process involves printing the images onto the canvas and then stretching it around the sides of a wooden frame. If you have to bring perfection to your artwork, make sure that the prints are stretched tightly to offer wrinkle-free experience. This trend has become more popular in comparison to conventional photo frames having a cut-off at the edges. Customers looking for contemporary and lightweight canvas printing options will prefer the gallery wrapped edges. Moreover, it is better to hang them on the wall instead of framing these photographs. They can also be displayed in the center of any space.

Panoramic Art Canvas

Panoramic Art Canvas Another exuberant printing option trending this year is panoramic canvas prints. If you have a craving for an enhancing scenery and want it to become the focal point of your room, just select the shots and landscapes from a wide spectrum of choices. The panoramic artwork is just a glaring example of innovative technology that has transformed the home interiors. You can personalize the prints and choose the one that comprehensively compliments your wall. The sharpness and the use of the bright colors in the image is certainly spellbinding. This is a ready-to-hang picture that does not require any additional framing. You can display them anywhere and believe it, you cannot take your eyes off them.

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints are known for their color brilliance and realistic look. The expert artists are currently following the trend of acrylic glass technology in which the picture gets printed on a high-grade photo paper and then reverse mounted to the acrylic. There is also another option for acrylic printing where the images are printed directly to the acrylic. This is a more reasonable alternative and less laborious as well. On the other hand, if you are using acrylic glass technology, you have to put in more effort to bring perfection. It offers a crystal clear and glossy finish to lighten any room with a vivid intensity.

Night Glow Print

Night Glow Print Now you can bring magic into your room with the night glow print that can enhance the beauty of the entire space. They are specialized canvas prints that can transform the night with glowing technology. This is something that will generate interest in the kids as well. It will excite them when they see their favorite wall stickers shining in the dark. The innovative prints can also be presented as gifts to enhance the experience of loved ones.

Hexagon Canvas

So far, customers have limited options when it comes to choosing the patterns and shapes of their canvas art. However, with changing trends, canvas lovers can explore more shapes and sizes that offer a new variation to the interiors. If you are bored with the same old traditional rectangular or square shapes, you can try out the hexagon canvas. The hexagon-shaped canvas offers an amazingly unique way of exhibiting your beautiful memories. Hexagon Canvas It's interesting to note that you can display it as a simple piece or team it in a bundle of as many hexagons you want to display. In fact, you can also combine the hexagon canvas prints with any other shapes to provide a distinctive touch.

Customized Wood Prints

The wooden prints have served as the perfect idea for if you are pondering over the bespoke art print option. You can hang it on walls or place it on tables. One of the best parts of the wooden photo print is that most of the colors will easily translate on the wood with the use of advanced technology. You can even gift these special canvas prints. Choose a high-resolution image from the website or upload any picture of your choice in one, three or four piece photo prints.

Metal Prints

Metal prints are a modern technique that allows you to preserve your high-quality photos with infusing dyes that are directly coated into aluminum sheets. The aluminum canvas photos can draw instant attention. Indeed, they are quite popular amongst interior designers and architects. You can even use other metals such as silver to provide a different look to the pictures. The white point provides a darker look to the images. Metal Prints If you want to print a black and white photo, clear metal or silver will be a viable option. It offers a vintage look to your images. The metal photo prints also offer some other benefits including high saturation, sharper photos and a matte surface that prevents reflection. It also provides a frameless design with high durability in tough weather conditions.

Split Canvas

Are you looking to experiment with a new trend that will facelift home interiors? Why not try out the split canvas prints? It is a reasonable option where you can split the memorable pictures into multiple canvas panels. As such you can choose different types of canvas splitting options depending on the specific needs and available space. It can range from splitting the canvas into two parts to as many as creating nine grids. Split Canvas It is not an easy job to split any photo. Thus, you need to get in touch with a professional to get the job done. One has to be very careful when splitting the images so that no part of the photo gets distorted and it remains intact. It is important to select the right size and thickness of the photo. You need to decrease the red-eye and make adjustments with basic resolution.

Choose the Best Canvas Photo Prints to Transform Interiors

The canvas prints offer a multitude of options when you want to transform the home or office interiors. You must also note that the trends keep on rolling at a quick pace. So, it is important to choose a popular trend that can complement the home decor option. You can take the help of a professional, who will offer better tips based on your requirements and budget.

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