8 Canvas Print Styles to Transform the Appearance of your Workplace

April 22, 2021
Canvas Print Styles

When you are decorating an office space, you have to spoon out an idea that will be appealing and pleasing to a broader audience: the employees, visitors, clients, suppliers, and other visiting parties. 

Decorating an office space can be a tricky task. It is not the same as decorating a house because when you are decorating any home space, you have to keep each personal taste in mind and come up with a decorating idea that is appealing to the visitors’ eyes and be a little creative with. 

Using different forms of art and expensive decorative furnishings can be a high-class way to go. But it is scarce for an office to allocate a high budget for decorating purposes. So you have to come up with cheaper and budget-friendly ideas that are both artsy and sophisticated. Interestingly, Canvas prints meet all these needs, which make them the most appropriate office decor.

If you have been spending a lot of time on ideas to transform your workplace, relax! Your search ends right here. We have curated a list of the top 8 canvas print styles to help you transform the ambiance of your workplace. 

Canvas Print Styles to Revamp your Workplace

  • Basic large Prints

Being basic and straightforward can never go out of style. The large massive sized Canvas prints are, although very simple but can be precisely what you need to grab the visitors’ attention. They are cheaper than any other kind of Canvas prints and are easily movable from one space to another, which makes them even more ideal for decorating larger offices with multiple rooms. 

The primary simple type of Canvas prints can be made with water and wrinkle-resistant polymers. This makes the canvases last for a very, very long time and spare the hassle of redecorating anytime soon. 

  • Collage Canvas prints

Photo collages are mostly preferred for home decorating purposes. But if used in the right way and suitable space, custom photo frames, paired with photo collages can be used to decorate any office. Putting up several pictures of office events and people together upon a world is a clever idea to put an office or firm’s work and achievements. To make it look artful and sophisticated, you can print the photos on different sized canvases and arrange them in creating abstract patterns. This will definitely grab the attention of any viewer or visitor. 

Hanging canvas photo collage of colleagues working together can also be a great way to motivate the employees at a firm or office. 

  • Pop art prints

Several new and upcoming companies try to give out a trendy and young vibe. For this, they also try to make their offices look more modern with the latest decor and furnishings. Using pop art Canvas prints can be an excellent fit for this. Pop art prints are a rage among the youngsters. Several restaurants and modern outlets use pop art prints because they look amazing when combined with modern decor and furnishings. 

Pop art canvases are bright and full of colors that make them unique and memorable, and fun. They are the ideal choice for decorating break rooms. 

  • Panoramic canvas prints

Panoramic Canvas prints look very life-like and glamorous yet sophisticated enough for an office. When paired with proper furnishing and lighting, they can change the whole mood of a space. Panasonic prints are more suitable for any office room with any sizeable empty wall background. You can use pictures of different sceneries for specific subjects to make them more attention-grabbing. You can also be creative with panoramic canvas prints and print out an edited form of a photo collage of company photos into a panoramic frame. You can also make a single panoramic canvas print of the company logo to give the room a more bold statement look.

  • Abstract art 

Abstract art has been conventionally used for many years as home office decor. But using original art canvases is very expensive, and most corporations can’t afford them. But using abstract art as decor is very enticing to the eyes, and they give your office an edgy look. So using Canvas prints for abstract art is a convenient way of decorating your office. 

  • Framed Canvas

Framed canvases are not as popular as other types of Canvas prints. They are more widely used for decorating home space. But when you are trying to decorate any personal cabin, you can use framed Canvas prints to give it a more personal touch. Custom Canvas frames are a hype that you should keep up with because they make your photos stand out even more.

  • Split photo print

Slitting or triptyching photos for Canvas prints can be an innovative approach to decorating any space. Splitting the photo into a separate canvas might help you to fill a large area. It also adds some modern touch to the decor. Generic artistic photographs of places and sceneries are ideal for office spaces when using split photo print. 

  • Long vertical prints

When you don’t have much wider space on the wall to hang up a large horizontal or regular square print, then you can go for longer vertical canvas prints. Vertical Canvas prints or panoramic canvas prints make the room look taller and the vibe of the room. This type of print is more appropriate for hallways or for meeting rooms. Prints of paintings or colorful subjects on vortical canvases look fantastic. 

Tips to Keep in Mind While Decorating any Office Space with Canvas Prints

Here are some tips to get you started on how you should approach while decorating with Canvas prints. 

  • Make sure that whatever art form you Hung up as Canvas Prints in the office should Express and represent the business’s theme and atmosphere. 
  • Try to add some personal touch to the prince to make them unique and stand out.
  • Use colorful photos for Canvas prints. Because large and colorful prints can catch the attention easily and leave an impact on the visitors. 
  • Suppose you are a business that is based locally or based nationally. Then try to incorporate local flavors into the theme of the Canvas prints. And if you are trying to decorate a cooperative office that is being used internationally, then you can add flavors from all around the world to represent its international works. 
  • Do not just focus on one type of photo. Try to mix in March professional photos as well as artistic and creative photos into the Canvas print decors.

Are Large-sized Canvases Just Enough?

Being creative and tasteful is not just enough; you have to consider many other factors while decorating an office. Each room of an office has different needs, and the decor should portray the mood as well as works that are performed in that space. You also have to keep in mind the person’s designation and taste while decorating individual office cabins. But when you are decorating common spaces like meeting rooms or break rooms, a general taste is what matters.

But if you’re thinking that just hanging up large-sized canvas prints on the wall is enough, then you are wrong. There are several types of Canvas prints that can be used to create different innovative decor plans. Here, you can find out about the top ways of using different types of Canvas prints to lighten up any office space. 

Canvas Prints to add that Element of Play in your Office! 

People spend an awful lot of time at the office nowadays. So when decorating any office space, you have to keep in mind to make the decor looking comforting and welcoming for the employees and yet classy and sophisticated for conducting business. You can try some other more modern types of Canvas prints, such as hexagonal prints or tile prints as well. But for now, we hope that the above information is enough to get you started.