Ways to Decorate Your House with Custom Made Pillows

March 12, 2021

Decorating your house with custom  made pillows is a perfect way to enliven the decor. These decorative pillows bring an additional finishing touch to space. 

It seems like a trivial part of the decor, but it involves some level of experimentation. For decorating a room with personalized pillows, focus on both the functionality and aesthetic of the interior. 

The standard square shapes pillows are a perfect way to elevate the decor. But if you wish to take it to another level consider incorporating different shapes and sizes to add more visual appeal to the pillow game. 

We have brought some fascinating styling ideas that will allow you to decorate the custom printed pillows like a pro in no time. Let’s know them in detail.

Different Ways to Decorate with Custom Made Pillows

  • Get Artfully Odd

This is a known hack followed by many interior designers. They love to club the pillows in a group of odd numbers like 3, 5, or 7. There is no enmity with the even numbers, but it is more like a stabilizing act. This rule mainly focuses on breaking the symmetry within the space for making it more pleasing to the eyes. 

The arrangement with the odd number is an artful way to balance the decor of the room. You can try introducing 3-5 pillows on the couch while opting for 5-7 pillows on the bed looks better. So, arrange your personalized pillows as this rule work most of the time.

  • Narrate a Colour Story

Colour plays a prominent aspect when it comes to decorating any space. This equally holds for your custom-made pillows. The color story of decor can dominate from other items like furniture, drapery, upholstery, art, etc. 

Experiment with shades that adds an accent to the decor. Otherwise, opt for twining shades that can make the look more polished. You can pull any color that strengthens the overall look and make it more cohesive.

  • Mix and Match Prints

Keep the intrigue level of your decor high by mix and match of styles and prints. You can assemble different custom printed pillows in graphics prints, floral prints, metal accents, and a few neutrals to balance the theme. Don’t forget to take color cues from the existing decor of the room.

Think of these pillows in the context of the entire space. Some of these will flatter the crisp shade of the wall while others will complement the rug below. Together, these artfully curated options will bring out the essence of the room.

  • Play with Size and Proportion

Creating an eye-catching look is possible when you think of each piece in its unique shape, size, and proportion. It requires deconstructing the room and split the design elements of objects so that they seem to work well. 

Further, evaluate the proportion and scale factor of the furniture and accessories to that of the throw pillows. Give importance to the size by having a large one in the pillow group. Including various sizes gives a luxurious feel to the ambiance.

  • Pick Unique Textures

This is a bit unusual decoration Canvas Wall Art theme, but it is also trending among the popular ideas. Playing with texture in your personalized pillow adds a plush charm by arousing visual intrigue. There are so many options to explore like flowy, furry, frilly, beaded, shimmery, and others.

Pair a few of these amazing textures with neutral shades that work unexpectedly. Incorporating texture will bring depth and dimension to the overall decor of the room.

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  • Utilize Text With Custom Pillow

Personalized throw pillows can be updated to the next level by adding texts on them. Use customized messages or quotes inspired by concepts surrounding love, family, and friends.

Of course, if you have too many letters scribbled on the custom-made pillows, it will create an eyesore in the decor. Follow a minimalistic option to get the best from these texted pillows. It will give a quirky feel by making the arrangements more synchronized.

  • Add Patterns to Make it Urban

If you love the minimalist decor in your house, then the pattern can be utilized effectively to create an illustrative perception. The pattern often gets easily mingled in the interior through repetition. However, avoid too much visual stimulation and high contrast as it can be disorientating. 

The use of subtle patterns in the right proportion can heighten the appeal of the space. Go for a pop of pattern in a neutral color sofa. It really draws all the attention!

  • Personal Touch Of Fashion

Incorporating your personality in a personalized pillow with a custom photo print can be the focal point for the guest visiting your home. This kind of custom printed pillows with photos is quite a trend in the interior industry. This gives ample scope to depict your family and life with custom design pictures on pillows.

You can even opt for the monochrome shades that resemble a standalone item in the entire decor. Just remember, not to overdo with the photo-printed pillows. A single picture is enough to tell your story. 

  • Stay Neutral, If Not Sure

There are times when you are not pretty much sure about the colors, textures, or patterns. In such scenarios, neutral shades can bring comfort to your space. Interestingly, you can use it to your favor by transforming your space into a sanctuary that inspires and relaxes you. 

When opting for neutral shades, you can stay on the same page with symmetry as the pillows won’t compete against each other. This type of arrangement is simple, yet it makes everything pretty enticing.

  • Go Bold

Getting bold colors in your decor theme doesn’t necessarily make them look hideous. Instead, you must know how to use the shade correctly. 

Opt for a couple of bold colors in the pillows and use them wisely to contrast with the furniture.

Final Thoughts

Custom-made pillows are outstanding decorative items that add personality to space. By using these hacks, you can incorporate the pillows easily into your interiors. So, spark your creative ideas with these personalized pillows and transform the ambiance completely.

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