Innovative Ideas For Hanging Bright and Lively Canvas Prints

April 15, 2021
canvas print

If you have been looking for unique ideas on how to revamp your abode’s interiors, you have landed the right place! Interior designing is a part of making a one on one connection with your house, all while giving in a huge amount of time and effort. People have different tastes when it comes to their interior decor, some opt for professionals to deck up their interiors, while some tend to be more personal about their interior space and decorate their house themselves.

Regardless if you are choosing a professional or yourself to do the interior decor, you will need some technical expertise to do it properly. Professionals stay updated with the latest interior design trends, which helps them incorporate modern home decor ideas. Without a doubt, some of the latest modern home decor ideas include customized canvas art prints.

However, ordering a print photo on canvas is not enough! You need to take certain essential factors into account before placing such prints on your walls. This article discusses some technical pointers and creative tips that will help you hang your wall art without damaging any surrounding space.

Necessary Tips For Hanging Canvas Prints

● To Frame or Not to Frame

Canvas prints are a versatile option for decorating your interior space. However, it’s not just the theme of your canvas print that adds value to your home decor. The varied framing options that canvas prints come with also help to add more definition and depth to your wall hangings.

Canvas art looks good both with and without framing. It is just that framed art gives a different perspective from its non-framed counterpart. In the case of family pictures, and abstract art, it is recommended to use frames. Photo collage canvas prints involving pictures look great with black frames. Since the portrayal of abstract art is not restricted to any rules, framing it makes it look more organized and classy.

If you are planning to hang multiple pictures on the wall, you can put up a combination of both framed and unframed canvas prints for variety. The key is to make the frame according to the standard spacing rules so that the framed art turns out perfect. Also, there should be a minimum spacing of 2 to 5 inches between each picture when hanging multiple pictures. Without the spacing, the walls of your house might look too cluttered, which you would want to avoid at any cost.

● Properly Compose Multiple Pictures

While hanging multiple canvas prints, you should not only keep a space between the art pieces but also compose the pictures according to their sizes. You might want to place your largest canvas print at the center and all the small ones around it for aesthetic purposes. Randomly placing the prints might make your interiors look more cluttered rather than organized.

If all the pictures you have ordered are of the same size, you can make the staircase look. Just place one print atop the other towards the right, and it would give you a nice staircase-like view of all your canvas prints.

To experiment with other kinds of looks, you can place all your pictures on the floor and see which combination you like. This way, you can come up with your own ideas for composing multiple pictures on the same wall. You can also check how much spacing is required between each of the pictures so that your walls do not become too crowded.

● Select a Suitable Place

The canvas placements are a very crucial factor to highlight the interior element inside your house. You should get a perfect eye-level view of the canvas based on where you are placing it. Selecting an area and then mapping the height of your canvas should be your priority before hanging it.

After getting your personalized canvas prints, first, you should measure them from the top to the bottom to determine how much space it will need. Then you should compose a picture or the group of pictures that you are hanging and place it according to the height where you find it most suitable. In most cases, people find frames most attractive when they are eye-level.

Lastly, you must hang the canvas print only after deciding the perfect height and place for it. Determining the place for the picture before hanging it will give you the best results. Hanging up a canvas art in a hurry might give you disappointing results, which will lead you to change the place too, later on.

● Choose a Theme

If you are planning to get canvas prints because you want to deck up your home studio, you are in for a long ride. Decorating your home studio is an investment, be it for a recording or a shooting studio. You want your workplace to look the absolute best. The best way to decorate your home office or studio is to choose a theme and go with it.

Choosing a proper theme like sports or music will help give your studio a proper makeover. But you must choose a theme according to your liking. Sports canvas prints work great for a home gym or studio. For voice-recording studios, you can get prints of some of the greatest singing artists of all time.

You need to maintain momentum when working at home, and your favorite theme can give you the motivation to work harder and keep the momentum alive. We all have become lethargic, attributing to the sudden change of work environment from our offices to homes owing to the pandemic. At such times, giving your home office and studio a thematic makeover can motivate you to work at home for longer intervals.

● Know When to Stop

Sometimes we can go overboard without decorating options. It might not be good for you as going overboard would mean spending more than was required. Although decorating your home space with multiple canvas prints might seem like a great idea but, you should know when to put a stop.
      Sometimes less is enough. Especially nowadays, people have minimalistic choices where they do not want to fill up space with too many decorative items. So, if you are someone with minimalistic choices, getting panoramic canvas prints might be the best bet for you! Panoramic prints, although they take a lot of space but give a very aesthetically pleasing look.

You can also hang up a large family photo in the middle of your living room. Using a single canvas print on a wall gives your room more depth and a focal point. If you are on a restricted budget, to deck up your living space, a single panoramic or family canvas art should be your go-to option.


Decorating your home is a very personal task. Whether you appoint a professional or not, you always have a say here in what to do and not to do. The tips and tricks given above are just some pointers for you not to make any mistakes that you will not fix later.

If you happen to have less space for canvas prints, you can get digital photo frames. They are one of the more affordable options with multiple pictures, and they do not take much space as well. How you decorate your lovely abode is entirely up to you. Order your canvas prints and photo frames now to see your home become bright and lively now.