Wall Decals – Fun Decorating Ideas for your Walls

January 28, 2021
Wall Decals - Fun Decorating Ideas for your Walls

At present, wall decals are no more a child’s room fancy decoration materials. In fact, these design elements are the latest trends that can be displayed in almost every other room. It offers a unique and fun way to decorate the walls and bring distinctive flavors into space.

Wall decals have gain popularity among homeowners and interior designers for the excess of design options along with the simplicity of use. This is a smart alternative to the wall paint designs providing attractive patterns such as flowers, plants, candles, or photographs. It quickly transforms the vibe of the space in an affordable budget solution. 

If you want to set the mood of the space invest in the wall decals – fun decorating ideas for your walls. 


Ways to Decorate the Walls using Wall Decals


  • A Touch of Outdoors

The living space needs to be vibrant filled with lively and energetic vibes that make the decor impressive. You can select wall decals with fascinating outdoor designs that give a beautiful rendition to the wall. 

There are many designs surrounding the outdoor theme like birds and trees, flowers and plants, flowers and butterflies, etc, that breathe life into the wall. You can pick the color that complements or contrasts with the shade palette of the wall. 

  • Jazz Up the Wall behind Your Bed

The wall behind the wall holds primary importance in the interior design of a bedroom. Most people seem to notice the wall as it complements the overall interior of the bedroom. 

In case, you are not in favor of hanging the over-sized wall arts, then designs are a great idea to amplify the look of the wall. Wall decals have a range of designs to explore and you can simply select the best one to uplift the mood. With the help of decals, you can narrate a story on the wall behind the bed and jazz up the look. 

  • Add Fun to the Kids Room

Decorating the room for your small ones can be a really exciting project. There are plenty of designs available in the wall decals to choose from for your kids. Once you are aware of your child’s preference you can start decorating the room. 

Cute and fun designs can be introduced in the bed sections that look quite appealing. The wall dedicated to the studying area is another perfect spot for the wall decal decoration. 

  • Decorate Your Foyer

Wall decals are multifacet design elements that can be displayed almost everywhere. 

The foyer of your home remains the most neglected space without nothing much to do in terms of decoration. 

However, with the decals, you can project various decor ideas in the foyer. Start from the base wall with prints and designs of flowers, butterflies, and others that instantly spruce up the corners. 

  • Personalized Touch with Photographs on Wall Decals

When it comes to adding personalized touch on the walls, nothing works wonders other than the photographs. Now you can freeze these memorable moments on the walls in an interesting way. 

There are many wall decal designs having options for photo frames to display the pictures. The haphazard frame heights add uniqueness in the decorating the walls. 

  • Wall Decals to Create a Unique Bathroom Decor

Bathroom walls don’t need to be monotonous all the time. You simply have to find fascinating schemes that amp up the complete look. It only requires a few straightforward designs on the wall to create a lasting impression. 

This task can be done easily with the help of wall decals that are ready to peel and stick on the walls. You can add quirky designs that help to establish a unique theme in the bathroom.

  • Make a Statement Kitchen Look

Get a stunning wall decoration in your kitchen space that gives you positive company during cooking. It is important to decorate the kitchen that looks aesthetic yet innovative to match up the trendy decor. There is an array of wall decals to pick that exactly fits the purpose of elevating it to a different level. 

From funny designs to simple culinary stickers, the addition of wall decals to the kitchen can bring sparks. With high-quality vinyl decals, create a statement kitchen look that is going to last long. 

  • Standalone Wall of Your Home

Create a contemporary standalone wall in your home that dictates the vibe of the room. It has been a trend in many new age houses to design a personalized space with a single plush couch or swing and a few other accessories. Search for inspirations to complement this look. 

Sticking wall decals around such a wall is a marvelous idea that supports the decor. It not only gives a modish appeal to your favorite corner but also gives anchorage to the wall. 

  • Customized Home Office Wall

Work from home ideas has been emerging off late in many industries. In such scenarios, remote workers have to dedicate a space to the home office setup. A lot can be done in terms of upgrading the monotonous look, as it impacts work productivity. 

Get a clean and refreshing look by adding wall decals around the work desk. You can simply select positive and motivational quotes or go for the upbeat world map that appears pretty classic for an office outlook. 

  • Deck Up Stairways

Stairways whether narrow, broad, straight, or curved are often overlooked when it comes to decoration. This significant pathway that leads you to other parts of your home needs a touch of modification. With wall decals, there is ample scope to scale up the beautification process. 

You can have a vibrant color scheme with a complimentary wall decal design that restyle the entire area. All this will change the look without adding substantial loads to your pockets 

Bottom Line

Blank wall deserves interesting ideas that add an identity to every wall of your home. Creatively designed walls with decals add essence to space that transforms the complete interior decor. 

The wall decals are typically made from vinyl that offers an unusual feature of sticking and peeling. In short, it can blend easily with wall paints to create a contemporary art like feel in the home.