Wedding Guest Book Canvas: The New Alternative Way to Cherish Memories

April 29, 2021
Wedding Guest Book Canvas

Weddings are believed to be sappy and droopy events where people tend to break into tears for almost anything. Yet, it is considered one of the most critical events in a person’s life. When it comes to their weddings, people like to keep things related to the wedding as reminders of that ‘once in a lifetime’ moment.

Pictures, photos, and videos are the most common and yet an excellent way to keep memories. Taking pictures of videos can be a little bit of hard work, and for good quality photos, you might need to hire a reputed photographer or videographer, which could be expensive. 

So why not choose the cheaper but still very unique wedding Memento, a wedding guest book canvas? Yes, creating memories at a reasonable cost is now possible!  

The Alternative Memento

The concept around a guest canvas is that people like to have something they could count as a possession. They like to look at these possessions and remember the special moments of their special day.

But with the changing times, people are also changing their preferences. People are no longer satisfied with simple videos of photos of their special event. People now try to find things that were more involved in their wedding because it gives them the idea of possessing something that has an emotional connection to the most special day of their life. 

From wedding cards to RSVP cards or even guest books, the audience likes to cherish all these to remember their wedding day when they are old. Some people even try to come up with unique ideas to make the souvenir even more special. A wedding guest book Canvas can be said to be one of the most rarely used special souvenirs to remember your wedding with.  

A guest book is generally a book kept where the attendees of the event sign-in. This is usually done to know who attended or did not attend their wedding, and it is also useful when the happy couple wants to send out thank you cards later. But just to take it up a notch, you can arrange for the guests to sign on a Canvas print rather than a regular attendance book. 

What makes Canvas wedding guest book so unique?

Creating Canvas wedding guest books is a very new and unique idea. It is also very Chennai and model, which makes it more attractive to the younger generation. 

Here are some points to show you why guestbook canvases are so unique-

  • It is customizable: That is, you can add any photo or collage of photos or text, captions, quotation on the Canvas to your liking. In this way, you can add a personal touch to the print. 
  • People are not just limited to sign and their names: Some people like to add a few words to it, and they could do so on a Canvas print. This makes it even more special and heartfelt.
  • It is very easily portable from one place to another: It is also much lighter than glass frames, so it does not require much workforce to carry it around if needed. 
  • Canvas prints are very affordable: They are even cheaper than glass or wooden frames.
  • Canvas prints do not require much time to be prepared: All you need to do is find a suitable canvas digital printing company. And usually, after you provide them with your idea and photos, they deliver to you within a week or so. This makes Canvas wedding guest books more convenient. 
  • A wedding book Canvas is usually made so that it can, later on, be hung up on display. They can make great eye-catching home decor.
  • They can last a lifetime: Canvas prints do not get damaged very easily. It is said that Canvas prints can still be in great shape for over a hundred years.
  • Does not require any expensive add-on: You can hang your Canvas wedding guestbook upon your word just like it is, or you could just simply add on a protective film to secure the color of the print. It is not necessary to add any expensive framing or anything else to the canvas. But if you want to go all out, then you could do so. 

Things to Know about Meeting Canvas Wedding Guest Books.

Guestbook canvases are possession and memory of a lifetime. So you need to make sure that the Canvas print you create is up to par. You should go through the following tips and ideas before creating your own wedding guestbook Canvas.

Always use a light color for the background because it makes it easier for the people to sign on. You should provide dark inked markers or pens for the guests to sign on the Canvas because darker colors are more readily visible, and it also makes the Canvas look more vibrant and neat.


  1. Create a wedding tree guestbook Canvas. This style of the canvas is a raging popular idea for a guestbook canvas. There is usually a beautiful tree printed on the Canvas along with some specification of the events or photos of the people getting married. The trees usually have larger leaves, and the guests can sign on those leaves. Some printed images on the Canvas require the guests to write on the branches for flowers. This type of wedding book, Canvas looks fantastic and cute as home decor. 


  1. If you choose a single image for the print, then you should make sure that there is enough blank space around the subject. The guests can use this blank space to sign in.    

  1. If you print collage photos on the Canvas, then try to avoid a message by adding not more than 6-7 images. And remember not to use images that have too many intricate or small details because they may be lost due to the texture of the canvas. 


  1. While choosing pens on Mughal, you need to be careful. Choose a mark open that has a very sharp or fine tip point. And you should also lookout for any leakage or smudging of the ink on canvas. The moon clearing prominent the messages and signature are on the Canvas the more beautiful it looks. You can use ultra fine-tipped Sharpies for this purpose. They are also very reasonably priced and can be easily found at any nearest convenience store. 


  1. You can also use different colored pens or markers to make your Canvas wedding book more lively.


  1. I tried to get a big enough Canvas to fit all the guests’ signatures. And also it should have a little more space so that the guests can write short messages on it if they want. 


  1. To make sure that everybody signs on your Canvas wedding guest book, you can put up cut out a sign saying “Sing me” or “write something for us.”


Wedding Guest Book Canvas for a Lifetime!

All in all, you can say that having wedding guest books is the new wedding trend that people just can’t wait to follow. People are also using sign-in guest book canvases to celebrate other special events, such as birthdays, reunions, parties, etc. So why not use this beautiful and one of a kind idea for your wedding too.